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    Artist/Band/Performed in Composition midi lyrics links
    12 Chairs 12 stul'ev, nachalo serii midi
    12 Chairs Begstvo ot madam Gritsatsuevoi midi
    12 Chairs Get a ticket on the steamboat midi lyrics
    12 Chairs Love tango midi lyrics
    12 Chairs Rio Tango midi lyrics
    12 Chairs Sail (Ostap's song) midi lyrics
    17 Mgnoveniy vesny Dorogi midi
    17 Mgnoveniy vesny Film Theme 2 (jazz version) midi
    17 Mgnoveniy vesny Gde-to daleko midi lyrics links
    17 Mgnoveniy vesny Mgnoveniа
    31 of June Film Theme midi
    31 of June He is came midi lyrics links
    31 of June Mir bez ljubimogo midi lyrics links
    31 of June Seeking for You midi lyrics
    31 of June Star Bridge midi lyrics links
    9 Rota Film intro theme midi
    A Hearts of Four Vse stalo vokrug golubym i zelenym midi lyrics
    Adventures of Elektronik Krylatye kacheli midi lyrics links
    Adventures of Elektronik Song About Bells midi lyrics
    Amphibian Man Morskoi d'javol midi
    Anofriev Oleg Est' tol'ko mig midi lyrics links
    Anofriev Oleg Good night, kids! midi lyrics links
    Ayse Saran Bu sehirde midi lyrics links
    Belikov Sergey U bedy glaza zelionye midi
    Beloe solntse pustyni Film Theme midi
    Benson Jodi Part of your world midi lyrics
    Bernes Mark Shalandy, polnye kefali midi lyrics
    Bernes Mark Temnaja noch' midi lyrics links
    Big Space Journey Golubaja planeta midi lyrics
    Big Space Journey Ja tebe konechno verju midi lyrics
    Big Space Journey Pesnja gonschikov midi lyrics
    Blue Bird Tam, za oblakami midi lyrics
    Bogach, bednjak (movie) Film Theme midi
    Boi s ten'ju (k/f) Lebedinaja pesnja midi lyrics
    Boyarskiy Michail Don Sezar De Bazan midi
    Bremenskie muzykanty Bremenskie muzykanty midi
    Bremenskie muzykanty Bremenskie muzykanty 1 midi
    Bremenskie muzykanty Dueht korolja i printsessy midi lyrics
    Bremenskie muzykanty Pesenka Atamanshi midi lyrics
    Bremenskie muzykanty Pohischenie printsessy midi lyrics
    Brigada Prolog midi
    Buratino Adventures Buratino song midi lyrics links
    Buratino Adventures Iz pahuchih zavitushek midi
    Buratino Adventures Rozhdenie Buratino midi
    Buratino Adventures Sharmanka papy Karlo midi lyrics
    Buratino Adventures Teatr Karabasa midi lyrics
    Buratino Adventures Three Pieces of a Bread midi lyrics
    Business Romance Film Theme 1 midi
    Business Romance Film Theme 2 midi lyrics
    Business Romance Film theme 3 midi links

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