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We are looking for a producer, sound engineer, vocalist, guitarist for the creation of a new musical project. 8-922-623-54-09
Sincerely, founder and author of all the band's hits "Laskovyj Maj" [/ b] Sergei Kuznetsov.
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date: 07-08-1958
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    IVANUSHKI International  -
    "Tol'ko dlja ryzhih"
    GM/GS файл
    Waldemar Nelke 7/7
    Beatles  -
    GM/GS файл
    Varypaev Juriy 15/20
    Suhachev Sergey  -
    "Prosto ljubit'"
    GM/GS файл
    Waldemar Nelke 19/40
    Beatles  -
    "Slow Down"
    GM/GS файл
    Varypaev Juriy 7/15
    Blue Bird  -
    "Sneg i liod"
    XG файл
    Lev Fiterman 11/35
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