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Khruschev Dmitriy
status Full member
public access allowed
artist (5), arranger (24)
Rossiа, Rostov Jaroslavskiy
Birthday: 17.06.1987 (33)
JarGU im. Demidova, uvlekajus' sozdaniem aranzhirovok ili sobstvennyh kompozitsiy
Artist/Band/Performed in Composition a c t m  
ATC Around the World       midi maker  
DUNA Malysh       midi maker  
Elfen Lied Lilium       midi maker  
Evdokimov Jaroslav Fantazer       midi maker  
Hinoi Team Hinoi Team Mix       midi maker  
Ivanov Igor Iz Vagantov       midi maker  
Kanikuly Petrova i Vasechkina Tema rytsarstva       midi maker  
Khruschev Dmitriy Dream Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Khruschev Dmitriy Dreaming Sax Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Khruschev Dmitriy Eurobeat Move Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Khruschev Dmitriy Light of Disco Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Khruschev Dmitriy Racer Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Korneljuk Igor Dozhdi       midi maker  
Koulak Paul Boyard Theme       midi maker  
Meladze Valeriy Mamen'ka       midi maker  
Meladze Valeriy Ty prishla iz niotkuda       midi maker  
Mr. President Coco Jambo       midi maker  
Nikolaev Igor Staraja Mel'nitsa       midi maker  
Pupo Burattino Telecomandato       midi maker  
Romeo Tokyo Night       midi maker  
Sailor Moon Koisuru Otomegokoro (Tuxedo Mask Theme)       midi maker  
Sailor Moon Star Power Makeup       midi maker  
Soule Jeremy Call of Magic (Morrowind Theme)       midi maker  
The Twins Love System       midi maker  
ЯрГУ им. Демидова, увлекаюсь созданием аранжировок или собственных композиций

The story adding allowed to registered users only

All above compositions are there author/band took part.
If You are midi-maker, at last column you've get an instant access to edit info about your midi arrangements.
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Horelik Leon
03.03.1974 (47)

Rea Chris
04.03.1951 (70)

Paul Mauriat
04.03.1925 (96)

Harin Maksim
04.03.1996 (25)


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