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Diomin Vjacheslav
status Listed in
public access not denied
artist (4), composer (1), poet (1), arranger (41)
Birthday: 05.07.1947 (76)
Artist/Band/Performed in Composition a c t m  
Aguilera Christina Va Le       midi maker  
Antonov Yuri Dlja Menja Net Tebja Prekrasnei       midi maker  
Brodskaya Nina List'ja letjat       midi maker  
Danko Malysh       midi maker  
Diomin Vjacheslav Dzhaz-bossa Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Diomin Vjacheslav Novyi god Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Diomin Vjacheslav Russian Christmas Medley Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Diomin Vjacheslav Sevastopol' - gordost' moja Artist/Band/Performed in music score author lyrics author midi maker  
Fabrika Romantika       midi maker  
folk song Kalinka       midi maker  
folk song Romashki sprjatalis'       midi maker  
folk song Tsyplenok zharenyi...       midi maker  
Frenkel Jan I vse-taki more       midi maker  
Frenkel Jan Ja speshu, izvinite menja       midi maker  
Georg Ots Mister X ariа       midi maker  
Georg Ots Сhornoe more moyo       midi maker  
Gershwin George Summertime       midi maker  
Hil' Eduard Zima (Potolok ledjanoi)       midi maker  
jewish folk songs Sholom-Aleihem       midi maker  
Kadysheva Nadezhda Na pososhok       midi maker  
Krug Michail Myshka       midi maker  
Krutoj Igor Hrustal'nyi bokal       midi maker  
Krutoj Igor Moi drug       midi maker  
MakSim Trudnyi vozrast       midi maker  
Markin Vladimir Ol'ga       midi maker  
Mikhailov Michael Vecher na reide       midi maker  
Nikolskiy Konstantin Ptitsy belye moi       midi maker  
Pahomenko Maria Matrosskie nochi       midi maker  
Pervaja perchatka Na lodke       midi maker  
Pieha Ehdita Mama       midi maker  
Pieha Ehdita Stan' takim       midi maker  
PROPAGANDA Roma       midi maker  
Pugacheva Alla Bud' ili ne bud'       midi maker  
Rozenbaum Alexander The Winter       midi maker  
Rozenfeld Efim Ljublju (Vdyhaja rozy aromat)       midi maker  
Rymbaeva Roza Ljubov' nastala       midi maker  
Shufutinskiy Michail Kalina krasnaja       midi maker  
Tatljan Zhan More zovet       midi maker  
Tolkunova Valentina Serebrjanye svad'by       midi maker  
Tolkunova Valentina Ugolok Rossii       midi maker  
Troshin Vladimir Ne grusti       midi maker  
24-04-2011   Ermakov Aleksandr (Basic user)    Ermakov          View in translit

Восхитительные работы! Чего стоят "Цыпленок жареный" и "Люблю". Успел еще послушать "Арию мистера Икс". Обязательно спою под вашу музыку

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All above compositions are there author/band took part.
If You are midi-maker, at last column you've get an instant access to edit info about your midi arrangements.
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