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Kostikov Aleksandr
status Music advisor
public access allowed
artist (7), composer (1), arranger (45)
Rossiа, Arhangel'sk
Birthday: 12.02.1990 (34)
Dj, aranzhirovschik. Uchastnik muz.proekta "The Oxycodone" (Andrew Rivier, Persitsky, Dj Seltic)
Artist/Band/Performed in Composition a c t m  
Akcent Stay with me (Radio Edit)       midi maker  
ATC Why Oh Why       midi maker  
Barskih Max Terjaju tebja       midi maker  
Bulanova Tatiana Starshaja sestra       midi maker  
DISCOTEKA AVARIA Nano-Tehno       midi maker  
Dj Alex Spark Muzyka slyshna i shumit priboij, v ritme diskotek vmeste my s toboij       midi maker  
Dj Boyko & Sound Shockin Mechtat'       midi maker  
DJ Feel Esche odin den' bez tebja       midi maker  
Example Changed The Way You Kissed Me       midi maker  
Flashdance She's a maniac       midi maker  
Fly Project Mandala       midi maker  
Flying Steps Breakin a down       midi maker  
Guetta David Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)       midi maker  
Hancock Herbie Rockit       midi maker  
IVANUSHKI International Snegiri       midi maker  
Jackson Michael Thriller       midi maker  
Kane David Club sound       midi maker  
Kazantip Voiceless (gimn Kazantipa 2005)       midi maker  
KOMISSAR Ty ujdesh'       midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Ameno Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Glimmer of the snow-flakes Artist/Band/Performed in        
Kostikov Aleksandr Midnight twinkle of love Artist/Band/Performed in music score author   midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Rum-Cola Party Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Sax Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Stay with me Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Kostikov Aleksandr Triumph 2011 Artist/Band/Performed in     midi maker  
Marx Richard Wherever you go       midi maker  
Modern Talking Cherry Lady       midi maker  
Modern Talking Win the race       midi maker  
Morandi Save Me       midi maker  
Ne-Yo Beautiful monster       midi maker  
Nikolaev Igor Pozdravljaju       midi maker  
Oblomov Vasja Nachal'nik       midi maker  
Presnjakov Vladimir Zamok iz dozhdja       midi maker  
Prydz Eric Pjanoo       midi maker  
Prydz Eric Pjanoo (Syntheticsax bootleg)       midi maker  
Reina Javi Oig 2011 (Syntheticsax & DJ V1t & DJ Ramis remix)       midi maker  
Rotaru Sofiа Bylo, no proshlo       midi maker  
Royal Gigolos California dreamin       midi maker  
Savage Dont Cry Tonight       midi maker  
SCHILLER I feel you       midi maker  
Scooter Call me Manyana       midi maker  
Shatunov Yuriy Medlenno ukhodit osen' (remix)       midi maker  
Sylver I Want To Be Forgiven       midi maker  
Talkov Igor Ja Vernus'       midi maker  
Tiesto And Sneaky Sound System I will be here       midi maker  
Dj, аранжировщик. Участник муз.проекта "The Oxycodone" (Andrew Rivier, Persitsky, Dj Seltic)

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Mazan Juliа
28.05.1966 (58)
Tsirjuk Pavel
28.05.1959 (65)


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