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collection Fedorov Sergey
status Basic user
public access not denied
arranger (76)
Artist/Band/Performed in Composition a c t m  
Agutin Leonid Bosonogij Malchik       midi maker  
Agutin Leonid Devochka       midi maker  
Agutin Leonid Golos Vysokoj Travy       midi maker  
Agutin Leonid Hop hey, la-la lej       midi maker  
Agutin Leonid Parokhod       midi maker  
Agutin Leonid Vspomni o Nem       midi maker  
Aguzarova Zhanna Verju ja       midi maker  
Aguzarova Zhanna Zheltye botinki       midi maker  
BRAVO 42 Minutes Under a Ground       midi maker  
BRAVO Black Cat       midi maker  
BRAVO Bud' so mnoi       midi maker  
BRAVO Devchonka shestnadtsati let       midi maker  
BRAVO Doroga v oblaka       midi maker  
BRAVO Kak Zhal' Chto Ty Segodnja Ne So Mnoi       midi maker  
BRAVO Korol' Oranzhevoe Leto       midi maker  
BRAVO Lubite Devushki Prostyh Romantikov       midi maker  
BRAVO Moscow's Bit       midi maker  
BRAVO Oranzhevyj Galstuk       midi maker  
BRAVO Vasja       midi maker  
BRAVO Ya - To, chto nado       midi maker  
Bremenskie muzykanty Pesenka Atamanshi       midi maker  
detskie pesni Belye korabliki       midi maker  
detskie pesni Dvazhdy dva - chetyre       midi maker  
detskie pesni Kogda moi druz'ja so mnoij       midi maker  
detskie pesni Nauchis' ne glotat' slova       midi maker  
detskie pesni Oblaka       midi maker  
detskie pesni Oranzhevaja pesnja       midi maker  
Gazmanov Oleg Esaul       midi maker  
German Anna Mesjats nad nasheju krysheju svetit       midi maker  
Kobzon Iosif Na bezymjannoi vysote       midi maker  
Koroleva Natasha Swallow       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Beregite druzei       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Chto tak serdtse rastrevozheno       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Golubaja taiga       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Koroleva krasoty       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Melodiа       midi maker  
Magomaev Muslim Svad'ba       midi maker  
Mama dla mamontenka (cartoon) Pesenka mamontenka       midi maker  
Martynov Eugeniy Alenushka       midi maker  
Martynov Eugeniy Marsh - vospominanie       midi maker  
Nasyrov Murat Mal'chik hochet v Tambov       midi maker  
Okudjava Bulat Beri shinel', poshli domoi       midi maker  
Plastilinovaja Vorona A mozhet byt', vorona       midi maker  
Pugacheva Alla Beda       midi maker  
Pugacheva Alla Priglasite damu tantsevat'       midi maker  
Pugacheva Alla Tri schastlivyh dnja       midi maker  
SEKRET Alisa       midi maker  
SEKRET Kristina's Birthday       midi maker  
Shul'zhenko Klavdiа Gde zhe vy teper', druz'ja-odnopolchane       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Charli       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Esche ne vecher       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Ja vyshla na Piсadilly       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Korol' sochinjaet tango       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Milyij, proschaij       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Morekhod       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Ne hlopaij dver'ju       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Ne speshi, dorogoij       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Nikakoij       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Poljubite pianista       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Skipach na kryshe       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Telegramma       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Uehal v ameriku Pedro       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Vernisage       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Veter do utra       midi maker  
Vaikule Laima Zelenyij bereg       midi maker  
VOSKRESENIE Ja sam iz teh (Ja ptitsa slabaja)       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Beda       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Ja ne Lublu       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Liricheskaja       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Na Bratskih Mogilah       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Nol' Sem'       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Pesenka o pereselenii dush       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Pesnja o sluhah       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Tsyganochka       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Utrennjaja Gimnastika       midi maker  
Vysotskiy Vladimir Vershina       midi maker  
Zemfira Do You Want?       midi maker  
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Horelik Leon
03.03.1974 (50)

Rea Chris
04.03.1951 (73)

Paul Mauriat
04.03.1925 (99)

Harin Maksim
04.03.1996 (28)


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