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Performed compositions midi lyrics links
Est' U Menja Pesni Razlichnye(Nikolskiy KonstantinNikolskiy Konstantin) lyrics links
Ja ni razu za morem ne byl(Nikolskiy KonstantinNikolskiy Konstantin) lyrics links
Ja sam iz teh (Ja ptitsa slabaja)(Nikolskiy KonstantinNikolskiy Konstantin) midi lyrics links
Kto Vinovat?(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics
Lustry Starinnogo Zala lyrics links
Moi drug hudozhnik i poet(Nikolskiy Konstantin) midi lyrics
Muzykant(Nikolskiy KonstantinNikolskiy Konstantin) midi lyrics links
Po Doroge Razocharovanij(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics
Sluchilos' chto-to...(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) midi lyrics
Snilos' Mne(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics links
Stat' Samim Soboj(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics links
Tak Byvaet(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics links
V Moej Dushe Ostatok Zla(Romanov AlexeyRomanov Alexey) lyrics links
Zabytuju Pesnju Neset Veterok(Nikolskiy KonstantinNikolskiy Konstantin) midi lyrics links

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