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German Anna
status Listed in
public access not denied
artist (7)
Birthday: 14.02.1936 (88)
Artist/Band/Performed in Composition a c t m  
German Anna A on Mne Nravitsja Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Echo Lubvi Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Gte ty ran'she byl? Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Lubvi Negromkie Slova Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Mesjats nad nasheju krysheju svetit Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Odin raz v god sady tsvetut Artist/Band/Performed in        
German Anna Sluchainost' Artist/Band/Performed in        
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   » Birthday    
Horelik Leon
03.03.1974 (50)

Rea Chris
04.03.1951 (73)

Paul Mauriat
04.03.1925 (99)

Harin Maksim
04.03.1996 (28)


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